The world deserves more live painting! 

Are you an artist? Your communities need you! To visually connect them between realities. To spark their imaginations. Would you like to be a living breathing creation creature at festivals and live music events? Well, you already are! I turned my life into a Traveling Artist Adventure and so can you! Here are some ideas that helped me along the way. These ideas are in … Continue reading  The world deserves more live painting! 

Art Magic Books 

Michael Vee’s Book Art Magic is Free! You can download the illustrated book here. If you would like a phisical all copy DM @MichaelVeeArt on Twitter or email Michael at Book 1 Or just read it here:   Book 2 Projects         You can download these images and print your own book for free  Art magic✨ By Michael Vee #1 Waiting … Continue reading Art Magic Books