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 Art magic✨
By Michael Vee

Waiting for inspiration is useless
Beginning is the key.

Breathing into your brushstrokes.
Breathing each line of a drawing.
Inhale light. Exhale creation.
Notice the thoughts that follow.
Magic will arise from daily practice.

Manifestation experiments
Paint your dreams and desires.
Want more joy and happiness?
Feel joy while painting and more joy will follow.
Feel happiness while painting and happiness will find you.
Find ways to paint the feelings you want.
Using symbols or images of materials you would love to manifest.

# 4
Painting love
When viewing art, how does it make you feel?
Attempt to paint your emotions.
People tend to resonate with the things that they are seeking or experiencing.

Try something new
Find some new media you’ve never tried before and do it.
By emerging yourself in a unknown process you free yourself.
Freeing yourself of attachment to mistakes.
Remembering that through new beginnings and improvising we learn to see things differently.
Leading to new ideas and inspiration.

Taking time to take a step back and view your art from a distance can be very beneficial.
Also hanging your art up for others to see can quickly bring you incite into what others see that you may not.
Reflecting upon art in general can be of great value as well.
Researching other artists and watching their path unfold can teach volumes too.

The benefits of art are far reaching.
Art is like meditation.
Giving you time to focus and begin to slow your thoughts.
The gestures of your hands and longing for self expression woven into creation.

Collaboration on one piece of canvas is liberating.
Learning to work with others on art can push you into new realms.
The painting is no longer just a painting.
It becomes a story.

Let go of any ideas and just enjoy painting.
Do it just because.
Art needs no reason to exist.

Paint on everything.
Give it away.
An artist is never without something to offer the world.

The universe is the song
The paint brush you instrument
The canvas your speakers
You are the conductor,orchestra,and the amplifier!

Art is magic
It can cause miracles
It speaks with no words
It can change your mind
It can cause you to open your heart.

The more I practice my creation skills
The better creator I become

Nature wants to be painted.
She loves showing off all her beauty.
Take the time to enjoy Her elements.
Paint water.
Paint air.
Paint fire.
Paint the land,dirt,soot,ash,ground.
Paint her.

Long ago people painted what they see in the stars.
Pick a constellation that has meaning to you and paint it.
Magic will happen.

Walk into nature with nothing and make art.
Stack some rocks move some twigs and branches.
Take no pictures.
Just leave it there for some unknown passerby to discover.

life is full of opportunities
How would you draw or paint that.
Illustrations of abundance

Sacred space.
Create an image of something very personal to you.
Show it to nobody.
Keep it on you at all times.
This is your sacred space.

Share art
Create art for someone in your life.
Secretly researching their favorite colors.
Checking out the books they are reading and music they listen to.
Customized art just for them.
Then randomly give this art to them.
Magic will happen.

Art supports us.
Everything human made in this world began as a sketch on paper or stone.
A line drawn by hand. Art is everywhere around us.
Artists have the ability to take ideas and make them visually real.
These ideas on canvas or sculpted out of daily materials are attainable by you!
Support art.
I’m pretty sure almost every artist would love to paint your dreams.

Draw or paint everyday.
Create images you’ve never attempted before.
Recreate your vision with
New adventures, opportunities and love.

Go out of your way to meet other artists.
This is your tribe.

Live painting
Are you a behind closed doors artist?
Does the pressure from peering eyes overwhelm you?
Well here’s your chance to overcome this fear.
Art is all about breaking down boundaries,so give it a try.
You’ll be amazed the progress you’ll make when you embrace making mistakes in front of others.
Allowing you to free up your process and discover new avenues of art.
Coffee shops, parks, the beach, festivals are a few places to go public.
You’ll be surprised how welcoming people are to public live art.

Art is not a career, it’s a lifestyle.
Everyone has artistic ability, whether it be music, dance, painting, drawing, animation, juggling,flow arts, or some other thing or something we haven’t seen yet.
Some just allow more of it into their lives.
Forget the belief that if you take art seriously and pursue it as a career it will take all the joy out of it.
Instead believe, when you make it your lifestyle it will sustain you.
The more I draw and paint the more I notice the detail in the world around me.
Studying the lines of the faces of the people I meet.
Pay close attention to colors and shapes.
Try this: when you find yourself some place new you’ve never seen before.
Take a ten second stare at your surroundings and then close your eyes for one minute.
What objects and colors are left in your head?
Hold onto that image,whether it be a feeling or a visual. Now go put it on paper.

Stretching your imagination
Every morning over coffee or tea or your favorite smoothie.
Think of five unimaginable things.
Really stretch these ideas as unbelievable as possible.
Giant crystals began to emerge from the ground in my back yard and tiny people with drums came out of them and started a drum circle.
The more you exercise your imagination the more active it becomes.
And that’s a good thing.

Your surroundings play a big part in the art created there.
Say perhaps you painted inside of a geodesic dome all night with a stage nearly playing downtempo music. All night long you paint surrounded by good people drinking tea and talking of love. We watch the moon travel the sky until the sun poked his head out over the desert peaks. All the while painting. Can you imagine the energy that was painted?

Perceptual blindness.
What is it? Look it up for a full explanation.
I will say this.
You cannot see what you are not aware of.
Being open to possibilities in your art will change this.
Seek more.
The journey is the prize.

Paint or draw with your other hand.
The one you don’t write with.
No ideas no preconceived notions.
Just grab your pen or brush and let lines flow.
Allowing yourself to freely express yourself can be a great
reset button for your mental canvas.
This process makes me feel like a kid again just discovering art for the first time.

Contradiction and symmetry
Contradiction in art is astounding.
Using opposing colors against each other in art can create a beautiful illusion of dimension.
Symmetry is very appealing to look at it evokes balance in the composition.

Nature in art
All of us know what nature looks like.
No need to look at it to create it.
Now draw a tree.
Notice how there is no wrong way to draw it.
Of course without the basic roots ,trunk,branches it wouldn’t quite look like a tree
but that’s just it.
We know nature.
The beauty is when painting trees you discover balance and composition.
The composition in art to me is like a flower arrangement.
You want it to be visually appealing.
Spaced evenly, colors equally distributed and the appearance of life.
But the great thing about art is there are no rules.
Chaos can be inviting as well.

Painting new beliefs
Change the world with your art.
Paint or draw into existence a new paradigm.
Go beyond what you think is real.

Discuss art with friends.
Find out what their favorite painting or artist is and why?
Just like someone’s music or book collection,this can say a lot about character.

Art magic isn’t to be taken lightly.
It is to be experienced with a open heart.

When you put intention into your art it comes back to you.

Magic is,
Miraculously manifestations
Heightened awareness
The power of love
Touching eternity.
Art will take you there.

Experiment panting with something other than paint.
Like coffee or strawberry jam.
This is fun.

Paint or draw an image of perfect health.

Paint your earliest memory .

Paint what you think you’ll look like in 30 years from now.
Put it away. Retrieve it in 30 years and see how close you are.

Paint what you think time travel looks like.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
Now paint that scene.

A Yantra is art Magic.
Painting intention and symbols into art.
Meditating while staring at the image.
Art alchemy.

Look at your art in a mirror.
This is how others see your art.

Paint or draw third eyes on faces.
Magic will happen.

Getting paint on your clothes is okay.
That way ,when you are in public places ,other artists can find you easily.

Don’t worry about being great artist.
Just enjoy being.

When you meet someone who’s artist ability has surpassed yours let it inspire you.
Think thoughts like, Wow another human was capable of this amazing art.
Let it drive you to be all you can.

Repetition helps hone your skill.
If there is some type of image you’d like to perfect ,try painting or drawing it several times.
The brain and heart will begin to memorize them.
Eventually arriving at the desired outcome.

Breathe in divine white light.
Breathe out this light into your brushstrokes.

Take a beautiful piece of Art you have poured your everything into and try this!
Take this drawing or painting and give it to a child you know.
Ask them to help you with it.
Tell them to “go for it.”
Let them freely express themselves however they choose.
You can choose to watch or look afterwards.
Art has always been in our history.
Therefore magic has always been near by.

Be careful with the words you choose to speak when creating art.
This too has great influence on the magic.
Art has always been in our history.
Therefore magic has always been near by.

Be careful with the words you choose to speak when creating art.
This too has great influence on the magic.

The colors you choose are of great importance.
What do each of these colors represent?
What frequency do they vibrate at?
All that information can be found when reading about the chakras, auras and mystical teachings.

You can never have too much paint.

When beginning a new painting.
Remember to enjoy yourself.

When I paint in a public place.
Most of the people I attract are other artists.
They always want to talk about being inspired.
Talking of the realms of magic we create.
Story’s of wonder and joyful laughter!

Artists are builders of worlds.

Music is Art Magic you can hear.

Watch people paint.
It’s how most of us artist learn.

Dancing with paint.
Put on some dance music.
Dip your brush.
Begin to dance.
Feel the music take control of you.
Flowing into your hands, into the brush.
Now paint.
Continue dancing while you paint.
Magic will happen.

The more you paint the more ideas you’ll get.
Keep an idea journal.

Put your brush down.
Paint with your hands.
Feel the canvas on your finger tips.

Paint and draw with children.
This will benefit everyone in the vicinity.

Your life is art.
Dress like it.
Imagine you have everything you’ve ever wanted in life.
Now paint what that would look like.

Painting words.
Choose a phrase or quote you resonate with.
Choose colors that express that feeling.
Now paint it.
When finished, leave it in a public place for all to see.

Want love.
Paint hearts.
Want peace.
Paint peace.
Want health.
Paint good health.
The canvas is a genie.

# 68
How to change your frequency/attitude:

Art brings friends together.
Art changes hearts.
Art is love.

When I have art in my life. I have a life long friendship.

Imagine this is the last piece of art you’ll ever make.
What would you paint or draw.

#72 incorporate Sacred Geometry into a piece of art.
This will begin to open you up to new creative energies.


Everything is energy.
Continuous, never ending.
The energy that is now becoming your art was once something else.
We are channeling this energy.

Recreate your existence with art.
Artists throughout history created whole worlds of art.
Multiple sub categories of art.
People viewed these pieces and it changed the way they think.
Fresh perspective.
The artist has the ability to change the world.

Save all your best paintings.
You may be doing a art show soon.

We are mythical creatures.
We are beings full of potential.
You need nothing but awareness to attain these magical gifts.
Just know you are completely capable of anything.

Art has everything to do with everything.

# 78
We exist to make art.
Watch for signs in your daily life.
Something or someone that is reoccurring in your path.
Paint it.


Today I see my fellow humans struggling.
My heart is open to you.
Please understand, but “struggle” is not a word in my vocabulary.
We limit ourselves self when we say we ” can’t” or ” I struggle ” or even “I try” when in truth and love you can tell yourself and the world that anything is possible.
The magic this contains has no limits. Once you unleash your boundaries and open your self to new worlds , then the abundance of new experience will flow.
The same is true in art.
Let go of boundaries in what you think you can paint or draw and create what before thought unattainable.

Paint your favorite song.

Music is the ultimate form of magic.
Incorporating the analytical (left brain) and the creative ( right brain)
When a visual artist does this they have achieved mastery.


Paint your favorite bands next album cover.
Give it to them.

When I paint every day.
I influence others to do the same.

Art is very personal.
Share it.
That is what it’s for.

Keep a dream journal.
Instead of writing your dreams down in the morning, paint them.

Seek out silence.
It inspires.

When creating art.
Tell a story with it.

Try this.
Cover you eyes and close off your ears with both hands.
Depriving your sense of sight and sound.
Do this for as long as possible.
What did you see?
What did you hear?
Paint that.

Imagine something you want to paint.
Imagine the finished painting.
All the techniques you use.
All the colors you choose.
Write it down in words.
Describe it to the smallest detail.
Now put this away and forget about it.
After one month pull it out and read it.
Now paint it.
Magic will happen.
The more art I manifest into reality the more I allow abundance of every kind into my life.

I am art

The more I paint and draw the world around me.
The more aware of it I become.

Use your artistic abilities for good.

Abstract art is a good way to express your feelings.

Change the weather with your art.
Paint the desired climate.
Show it to as many people as possible.
Asking them to devote one minute of their time to look at the art and think the desired climate. Do this for one week. The weather will change.

Art is not a life purpose.
It is life.

The first five words uttered upon awaking in the morning are pure magic.
Choose wisely.

Write 100 things you love about art and share it with a friend.

Art is Magic!
Many people experience art as a channelling of source energy.
The ability to perceive these visions and share it with others is a natural gift within us all.
Appreciating art is remembering source.

Techniques used in art can be likened to life itself.
Persistence in art will prove to you anything imaginable is possible.

The true goal in art is not mastery but enjoyment.
Passion for the divine moments conjured while in the process of creation.
This will bring you home.
Art Magic ✨

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Art Magic
Step 1
Contemplate the desired outcome.
Choosing symbols ,colors and images that represent your desire.
Step 2
Paint or draw this.
Step 3
All the while breathing your intention into every line every brushstroke.
Step 4
When finished hang this painting in a place you can view it the moment your eyes open in the morning.
Step 5
When you first see this art in the morning take a few minutes to think about your intentions when you created it.
Step 6
After you do this for 7 days. Take the painting down and display it in your living room.
Knowing the art magic is now in progress forget about the painting. Just let it be. You can look at it or discuss it with friends but you no longer need to focus your intention because the momentum has already begun.
Step 7
Being open to receive.
Knowing the desired outcome can come from anywhere.
You can download the illustrated version of this book here
Or watch the video here.


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