The world deserves more live painting! 

Are you an artist?

Your communities need you!

To visually connect them between realities. To spark their imaginations.

Would you like to be a living breathing creation creature at festivals and live music events?

Well, you already are!

I turned my life into a Traveling Artist Adventure and so can you!

Here are some ideas that helped me along the way.

These ideas are in no way a set of rules or guidelines.

They are just ideas that worked for me.

Live painting
Are you a behind closed doors artist?
Does the pressure from peering eyes overwhelm you?
Well here’s your chance to overcome this fear.
Art is all about breaking down boundaries,so give it a try.
You’ll be amazed the progress you’ll make when you embrace making mistakes in front of others.
Allowing you to free up your process and discover new avenues of art.
Coffee shops, parks, the beach, festivals are a few places to go public.
You’ll be surprised how welcoming people are to public live art.

Some things I do to get more art sales and make more connections.

 Before I go to the event I friend everyone on the fb event that is going.

This has tremendous results.

People already know you before you go.

I paint lots of small 9×11 paintings on canvas paper and have them in a book handy and affordable so anyone can own some , I also use them for trade. Having prints of your best stuff is great too.

I then sell my bigger stretched canvas paintings for hundreds.

I travel light so I try to minimize this as much as possible. Also at the fest offer to paint signs for vendors, this will feed you.

Business Cards are a must for future sales.

Something I recently started doing is giving away a painting on the event page of the festival I am going to.

Oh and stickers too, make stickers of your art!

Getting into festivals:

There are a few ways to going about getting into festivals.

A. Vendors : find a vendor that needs help. The best ones are those who only need help setting up or tearing down. That way you have the whole festival to paint.

B. Facebook works! 

Have friends and photographers take your picture painting at festivals. Post those pictures on event pages you want to get into. Asking for entry only to bring live art to their event. Also writing the festival on Facebook has worked for me a few times.

Contacting bands you would want to paint on stage with works great too, bypassing the festival peps you get straight onto the guest list!

C. Painting 

Learn what you are good at painting fast. Band sets don’t last long.

Do that on stage. Save your super detailed stuff for home or for working on the whole time at the fest.

Paint small pieces to sell at the fest. 

Keep your best stuff and make prints.

Save 20 of your best pieces for future art shows.

Most of all enjoy yourself and Dance with paint!


Oh yes and please buy art, I can custom paint you anything.

~Michael Vee


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